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2021 Viola, Wisconsin

The challenge of this project was to create in a short time a branding package and a website, to present an image as an established company.

The brand was created with a kind but informal and joyful voice. We wanted the users connect to the brand through the message. We based the image on the Driftless area topography.

Based on photographies of Keewaydin Farm (where the non-profit organization is located), the color palette was created. This point gave us a clue to make the organization of the workshops that Driftless Curiosity has during the year.

The results have been successfully accepted by users.





2020 Viroqua, Mexico

The meaning of this brand is given by  the heart formed by different organic forms that means each of the artists of the collective, working different styles, techniques and located in different places, but  forming one heart, connected through the art, breaking borders of communications and having a synergic message.




2016 Cuernavaca, Mexico

The client wanted a brand of a small bussines that could be accepted by the customers in the middle of big corporations world.

The necessity of having internet connection services in communities where the big corporations are not interested, was the reason why Giges telco was born.




2019 Mexico City

SEPITSA advertising solutions needed to update their image to increase awareness in a new market. The brand is based on a confident and trusting voice. The creation of visual statistics helped them on the presentations to their potential clients.




2016 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The College «Universidad Riviera» wanted a new and fresher design, keeping the same logo and respecting the guidelines. The new image is applyied to billboards, bussiness cards, diplomas, social media, institutional designs, brochures, and advertisment on public transportation.