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Web Design


Viroqua, Wisconsin

Driftless Café wanted an updated website, where the customers could make reservations.

We wanted to highlight the beauty of the food, with photos on a blank canvas.

The photos on the homepage are a timeline of the process since the food is in the farm until it is served on the plate of the costumers, with a happiness as a result.




Viroqua, Wisconsin

Folk Art Collective is a plataform where artists can show their art, communicating the roots and traditions that they have through generations.

The monthly talks and workshops have been part of the branding strategy, making it an approachable mark connecting directly with the creators. 



Mexico City, Mexico

Sepitsa advertising solutions wanted a trusted website, where the new customers can see a map with their billboards location. This project was worked in a collaboration with programmers and communication department of the company.




Cuernavaca, Mexico

Eraclio is a Mexican artist that wanted to have a clean portfolio, reflecting the approaching with the earth through his art. The blog with his poetry linked to his sculptures gave a softness message that he wanted to give to his guests on his website.




Cuernavaca, Mexico

Casa Amanalco connects Mexican coffee producers directly to the customers. Fair trade is the main characteristic of it. It’s traditional and warm message is reflected through an «earth color palette» .

It is located in an historical building that make stronger the voice of the brand.